A Ti-Rex frame is 100% custom-built to your body measurements.

It is well known that people with different body shapes have different needs when it comes to sports.
A custom frame helps you improve performance and make the most of the bike’s technical features and your body’s potential.

Ti-Rex frames are exclusively custom-built.

We offer an artisanal product, entirely designed and built in Italy. A Ti-Rex fame is hand-made with meticulous attention to the smallest detail. We have full control over the production process from the start to finish.

Ti-Rex frame is built on the basis of your biomechanics.

From the moment you contact us, we follow the information you give us and involve you directly in the building of the frame. No assembly line, just you and your ideal bike.

The excellence lies in the quality of the materials.

Ti-Rex uses carbon fibre, a high-tech material the guarantees performance for professional and semi-professional cyclists.

Choose your own colour and paint job

Your Ti-Rex bike is unique, in the true sense of the word – it exists only as you imagined it.
And we will help you give it the look you’ve always dreamed of.
Choice of clear finish (visible carbon fibre weave) at the time of order.